About Curacao

Curacao – A Truly Unique Destination
Curacao activities

See what makes Curaçao special! Exquisite beaches and spectacular diving, stunning architecture, activities, and adventures for every interest — plus multicultural diversity, intriguing music, art, and cuisine. To experience the best of Curacao, be sure to visit the islands tourism website prior to travel.


  • Catch Some Sun, Sand & Surf. Whether you are a sun-loving vacationer or here on business, get at least one beach visit in. Choose between intimate rocky coves surrounded by massive cliffs or long sandy beaches. Opt for seclusion by nature or pick one that is bustling with activities.
  • Diving Paradise. Curaçao offers some of the best diving in the world. Our spectacular dive locations provide some of the most colorful and are inspiring scenes imaginable.

History & Culture

  • Historic Port Capital. A visit to Willemstad brings you Old World charm and contemporary culture. This lively city’s dynamic architecture, activities, and neighborhoods shape the island’s historic center.
  • Vibrant Architecture. Curaçao’s rich history comes alive in the stunning architecture to be seen all across the island. Most importantly, in its capital city: Willemstad.
  • Colorful History. Curaçao’s ethnic inhabitants, the Arawak, Dutch, Spanish, West Indian, Latin, and African, have created a rich heritage and thriving culture
  • European Flavor. The Dutch influence on Curaçao is as omnipresent as the centuries-old colonial buildings.
  • African Heritage. African culture beats like a proud and festive heart throughout the island of Curaçao.
  • Jewish Culture. From the time they first arrived seeking a haven from persecution, Curaçao’s small, Jewish community has had an extraordinary impact on the island’s economy, politics, and culture.
  • Vibrant Art Scene. Curaçao is proud to host many painters and talented artists. Learn more about these photographers, sculptors, and designers.
  • Friendly and Laid back. With exceptional gay-friendly hotels and attractions, we invite gay and lesbian travelers to visit and experience our ‘live and let live’ atmosphere for themselves.
  • Carnival! Dancing and Music! It’s one of the largest and longest-lasting Carnival spectacles of the Caribbean. The season starts in early January, and ends in late February/ March.

For further information, please visit the Curacao Website: www.curacao.com