Curaçao unarguably offers great shore diving, but if you want to visit some of the very best dive sites on the island, you’ll want to get there by boat.

Go West Diving offers daily boat trips to sites that are hard to get to or impossible to reach from shore. The most well-known of these is Mushroom Forest. This expansive area of coral flats is named for the striking mushroom-shaped coral formations. This is one of the top dive sites in Curacao and one we often visit twice each week. Most life is found around the 40ft/12m to 50ft/14m mark where gigantic mountainous star coral formations are still evident and attract giant moray eels, porcupine fish, barracuda, and lobster.

The most northern dive site we visit, Watamula, is only 5 minutes away by boat. It offers spectacular healthy formations of hard corals, a soft coral garden and a large variety of marine life. You can find more information about all the sites by visiting our dive sites page.

You can also click here to download a copy of our Rates Flyer as a pdf Testing

3 Days or More Days of 2 Tank Morning Dives + Shore Diving
$99 per day
Price is per day and includes u/l air tanks for shore diving the same days as the boat dives
1 - Two-Tank Morning Dive
1 Two-Tank Morning Boat Dive
1 -Two Tank Morning Boat Dive + Shore Diving
Includes unlimited air tanks for shore diving the same day as the boat dive
3 - Two-Tank Morning Dives with 6 Days Shore Diving
3-Two-tank boat dives with 6 consecutive days unlimited air tanks for shore diving including during those days
5 - Two-Tank Morning Dives + 6 Days Shore Diving
5 Two-tank boat dives with 6 consecutive days unlimited air tanks for shore diving including during those days
1 - Tank Night Boat Dive
1 - Tank Night Boat Dive
1 - Tank Afternoon Boat Dive
1 -Tank Afternoon Boat Dive
Nitrox Rental Tank
$16 per Tank
Nitrox Upgrade
$6 per tank
Unlimited Nitrox
$21 per day

Download a pdf of the Boat Dive Schedule

Morning Boat Dives

The boats depart for a 2-tank dive at 8:30 am, and return +/- 12:30 pm.

Day First Dive  Second Dive 
Sunday Mushroom Forest Red Bush City
Monday Rediho Elvin’s Plane Wreck
Tuesday Mako’s Mountain Kortape
Wednesday Duane’s Release/Scooter Paradise
Thursday Black Coral Garden Watamula
Friday Sponge Forest Cave of Love
Saturday Playa Hulu Black Sand Wreck

Afternoon Boat Dives

With a minimum of 4 people, the boats depart for a 1-tank dive @ 2:00 pm, and return +/- 4:00 pm.

Day Afternoon dive or snorkel
Sunday Best…of the WEST!
Monday Watamula
Tuesday Best…of the WEST!
Wednesday Snorkel trip
Thursday Best…of the WEST!
Friday Elvin’s Plane Wreck
Saturday Snorkel trip

“Best of the West” indicates we keep a flexible schedule and will decide what is best at the time based on the diver’s and dive staff’s preference in conjunction with weather and other factors. Dive sites in general are subject to change without notice.

We work hard to maintain our schedule, however, there are factors that may prevent us from visiting specific sites. This may be because of weather, sea state, safety, and Curacao Port Authority’s orders. We cannot guarantee availability at all dive sites.

  • Transport via 1 of 3 comfortable dive boats with places for shade or sun.
  • Hour-long dives with an in-water guide.
  • Fresh cold drinking water with eco-friendly reusable cups.
  • During our 2-tank boat dives we also offer pan dushi (sweet bread!) and fresh fruits.
  • Emergency oxygen, first-aid and spare equipment on board.

These boat dive packages are for Certified Open Water divers or above, who have completed a complimentary shore dive at Go West.

  • If the date of the last dive was 18 months to 5 years ago, a refresher may be required.
  • If your last dive was 5 or more years ago, a Refresher is required.
  • You may be asked to show your logbook for verification.
  • Exceptions to the above may be considered by management depending on your recent diving history and your level of certification.